<aside> 💡 Connect Alumni to McKay student


The current phase of our roadmap is to focus on the alumni-to-current-student connections by starting with a series of webinars that allows current students to ask alumni questions about their journey after high school, as well as enabling opportunities for mentorship. We believe that these webinars and access to stellar alumni will provide students with beneficial connections, honest and relatable answers about life after high school, and the awareness that their potential is unlimited.

Based on student feedback, we plan to scale accordingly.

Next, we plan to create events so that McKay alumni can keep in touch with each-other.

Lastly, we'd like to create a supportive community who can help McKay reach their educational goals.

How we define success: Baseline 07/01/2020. (0 for all)

1: Panel Discussions Held: 3

  1. Students reached: 44

3: Questions Answered: 50

4: Connections Made / Favors Completed: 2

5: Design Wins - Content Created that will be helpful for McKay Students

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6: Alumni Members added

7: Specific Cause Goals (Volunteers provided, causes funded)

8: Hours Volunteered